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About Fair Green Trade

Fair Green Trade

What is Fairgreentrade?
Fairgreentrade is a website designed to facilitate interactions between consumers interested in FGT goods and FGT retailers and manufacturers. FGT aims to create the easiest path for all interested parties to products, services and source materials. As the world of sustainable/green/organic products and services continues to grow, FGT aims to be a reliable resource for many audiences.

Fairgreentrade offers specific areas of interest to narrow the search for FGT goods and to put visitors in contact with the companies or individuals that will help them accomplish their goals. Whether you are a business looking for sustainable raw materials, a traveler looking for eco-tours and green hotels, a home builder sourcing energy-saving equipment, a home owner looking for a contractor to install FGT equipment, a supermarket sourcing organic and natural products, or an individual who is just trying to get his or her arms around this way of life, Fairgreentrade is your source!

Whom do I contact for more information about Fairgreentrade?

E-mail or click on the Contact FGT tab on any page.

How do I advertise on Fairgreentrade?

Visit our advertising page of

Who is the target audience for Fairgreentrade?

FGT is designed as a business-to-business portal and as a destination for the individual consumer.

Can I buy from Fairgreentrade?

At this time FGT does not offer direct sales to consumers or companies. You may request more information or that FGT put you in touch with companies that may serve your interests. But you may, of course, buy though links and sponsors that appear on the site or visit retail stores that carry FGT goods.

How do I know that the products advertised or listed are Fairgreentrade?

FGT is an open site and renders no opinion on the products that are represented, although FGT will eventually develop a seal of approval. The site is designed for all parties to represent their products and for the consumer to make up his or her own mind as to the validity of a manufacturer’s claims.


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  1. Jerry Bowman / Jan 14 2010 6:49 pm

    We sell eco-friendly products via direct marketing and are now moving to selling to retailers. How do we get listed on your site?

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