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December 11, 2010 / robertstockham

Send us your green tips:



Hello bloggers,

The Green Dream class has been working hard on coming up with new and innovative ways to go green every day. Our corporate responsibility team has come up with a great idea to make a new “Green Tip ofthe Week” every week. These small and efficient tips are easy ways for our class to implement their green lifestyles in their homes. The tips also extend to the family members of the students in our class, further expanding our green mission. Some of the recent tips we have implemented are, unplugging your phone chargers when you leave the house in the morning, using recyclable lunch containers, and setting your thermostat a few degrees lower in the winter and higher in the summer. Our corporate responsibility team looks forward to finding new tips every week to help our class along our green journey. If you have any tips four our class, we would love for you to post them on our blog. The Green Dream’s motto is, “it starts with one,” so we hope that you will take a stand and join our green mission and share any green tips you may have.

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