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December 7, 2010 / robertstockham

Applegate Meats: Natural and Organic

In this era of huge factory farms and serious food recalls, one can be scared of eating meat at all.  Not us!  Thanks to the great products of Applegate.  Applegate produces high quality meat products that come from respectful farming practices.  If you have ever seen images of some of the large scale farms’ practices, then you know how shocking they can be.  If not, then you are lucky.  Just know that the way many of the animals are treated before slaughter is downright cruel and horrifying.  It is not a wonder, then, that vegetarianism is on the rise.  But meat lovers rejoice!  Now you can enjoy your meat products without the guilt.  The goal of APplegate Farms is to change the way we look at eating meat.  You can still enjoy it, while being more mindful of the environment, the animals and your health.  From their website:

Our Mission: To change the way America eats meat

We always embrace three important principles:

Taste. Strive to make the best tasting products with no shortcuts and only natural ingredients.

Truth. Conduct our farming practices with integrity and treat our animals and land with respect.

Trust. Tell all of our story. Provide transparency into our industry and to our consumers.

Their products are delicious and better for you, so be sure to check them out!  Now you can have a hot dog and not wonder what is inside!



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