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December 3, 2010 / robertstockham

What’s in your can?

This is a post from Great Lakes Green Pages.   Reprinted with permission.

While spending all that time sorting your recyclables and picking out the plastics, sometimes we forget the most obvious thing of all: the liner. Since we do not have curbside recycling, I have to transport all my recycling to the nearest drop off location. While I have made my peace with this, there is still something that nags at me. I have to bag my recycling, adding more plastic to the batch, and I worry what that does to the process.

Did you know that the plastic that makes up the lid to your plastic bottle and the bottle itself are different plastics? This means they cannot be recycled together, so I always take the lids off of my bottles. Same with glass jars and metal lids, etc. I have heard stories of cities that toss out bottles with lids rather than take the time to unscrew the caps. That make me wonder what happens when I drop off my recycling in a plastic bag. Also, while I stuff my bags full before putting them on the curb, my garbage is still more because of the plastic bag that I have to put it in. What’s a guy to do?

So I was thrilled while walking down the aisle of the local store (yes, it WAS a Wal Mart) and I found these bags by GoodSense. I used to buy them on the West Coast, but have never seen them in Cleveland before. They are made with 60% recycled plastic. That means less virgin plastic was manufactured for me to put garbage in. To top it off, these bags were comparably priced to many of the other brands on the shelf.

One of the big things that people often fail to consider when make their purchases is what the product is made of and what the packaging is made of. By buying products with recycled content you help to close the loop. What good is recycling, if no one is making anything out of all those plastics that are being lovingly sorted? And why isn’t every box made from recycled content? It isn’t like we need a brand new box made from tree fiber to hold something for a few months and then toss it. These great little bags come in a box made from 100% recycled paperboard. So by buying this product, you can basically reuse the plastic bottles and office paper that you recycle every day.

So if these bags are not available at your local store, ask the manager to stock them. They are manufactured by:
Webster Industries, Inc
A Division of Chelsea Industries, Inc
Good Sense Division, Dept RT20
PO Box 3119
Peabody, MA 01961-3119

Close the loop!


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