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November 8, 2010 / beachwoodhighschool

How green is YOUR classroom?

How often do you walk into a classroom and find students walking on the treadmill? Our marketing class at Beachwood High School is nothing like a physical education class, but yet we incorporate wellness into it in many ways. One major way is through our constant use of our treadmills. During the first week of the school year, we ordered two treadmills. The treadmills stay in our classroom on a permanent basis and we walk on them any chance we get. Most of our walking goes on before class, and while giving presentations. We also purchased two I pads to be used while walking on the treadmills so that we are constantly getting work done. Not only are we burning calories, but we are also getting work done for the Green Dream and Green Life Gala.
Our class is very serious about our new component of wellness this year and we are working hard to make it a main priority. Each student is required to log their time, distance walked, and calories burned each time they walk. In the first 6 weeks of class we have logged 25 hours, walked 48.38 miles, and burned 5,858 calories. It is our hope that within the next few years, our treadmills will be used to completely power the energy for the entire classroom. Our class is all about innovation and creativity, and we are very proud of our new addition to the class this year and we hope that other classrooms around the country join the treadmill trend!


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